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Phase 1


 SPG Children’s Home will meet the everyday needs of the orphaned and abandoned children who will be housed in our facility. Every effort will be made to cultivate a loving and supportive environment. The facility will be built on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana and will house up to fifty children. The staff will include care attendants, teachers, a nurse, guidance counselor, and a food service worker. SPG Ministry is making every effort to establish a base of support that will include churches, businesses, groups and individuals who will partner with us to bring the vision into a reality and provide continued support to the children in Ghana. The facility will include a dining area, kitchen, toilet and bathroom areas, classrooms, nurse’s office, common area, laundry room, sleeping quarters, playground, gardening area, and church.

The first phase is to purchase the land, prepare it, and have it fenced off.
Preparations will then be made to secure contractors to build the facility

The children who will be housed in our facility will meet the following criteria:

1. Will be referred by local agencies

2. Biological family deceased, abusive or unable to care for them

3. Abandoned children

The children who live in the facility will receive a free education; children who live in the local area will have to pay school fees to attend our school and this will be a stream of income that will assist in paying the teacher’s salaries. A guidance counselor will work closely with the students, helping them to establish and achieve educational, career, and personal goals.

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